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4 Reasons Why You’re Not Building Muscle

November 08, 2018

4 Reasons Why You’re Not Building Muscle

Frustrated with your rate of muscle gain?

Tired of seeing so-so results in the gym?

It may come down to you not doing a few things as you should.

The truth is, most people aren’t approaching their muscle-building plan as well as they could be. The good news is that with a few smart changes, they can get back on track again!

Let me share with you right now four of the key reasons why you may not be seeing the progress you desire.

4 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscles

1. You’re not tracking calories

If you want to see success with muscle building, tracking your calories is a must. Make sure that you figure out what your total calorie requirements are and then beyond that, focus on increasing your intake by 250-500 calories.

So many people are too conservative with their calorie intake because they are scared of a little fat gain, but they will completely miss out on building any muscle because of this. You can’t grow unless you supply the nutritional support to do so.

2. You’re not changing your workouts

When was the last time you changed something about your workouts?

Has it been a while?

If so, that needs to change as well.

Going to the gym and doing the same thing day after day after day is a sure way to hit a progress plateau. Make sure that you do something to stimulate your body further.

This could be adding an extra rep or just changing the order of your exercises around. Your muscles need change to grow.

3. Insufficient rest

While it is very important that you hit the gym regularly, don’t overlook the fact that it’s equally important that you are also resting well. If you don’t sleep, your body can’t rebuild and grow new muscle tissue.

Too many people think they have to hit the gym each and every day of the week. This isn’t the case though and can actually be detrimental to their success.

Having a day off is key to letting the body fully recover and also to help prevent injuries from taking place.

So give yourself permission. Take that rest day. You’ve earned it.

4. You’re not getting in a proper post-workout protein

Finally, be sure that you are getting in a proper post-workout protein powder. Immediately after training, your muscles are broken down, tired, and in need of serious repair.

What better way to do that then provide a proper post-workout protein?

If you choose a quality isolate protein powder such as Authentic Whey, you’ll get a huge dose of fast-acting protein without much sugar at all.

This is important because the sooner you can get those amino acids into the muscle tissues, the faster the rebuilding process can take place, and the sooner you’re going to see optimal results.

For building muscle, you’ll want to combine this with a quality carbohydrate source, ensuring that you are providing both protein and carbohydrates to your diet plan.


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