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Omega-3 - Essential Fatty Acids
Omega-3 - Essential Fatty AcidsOmega-3 - Essential Fatty AcidsOmega-3 - Essential Fatty AcidsOmega-3 - Essential Fatty AcidsOmega-3 - Essential Fatty Acids

Omega-3 - Essential Fatty Acids


  • Immune Support  

  • Promote Heart & Brain Health  

  • Joint Support  

  • Promote Healthy Skin Tissue   

  • Manufactured in the USA in a cGMP certified facility  

  • 100% Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee  

What is Omega-3?

OMEGA-3 has set a new gold standard in fish oil supplements. While many fish oil supplements are available, the majority of them are severely underdosed in DHA and EPA. Each serving of OMEGA-3 packs 2,200 mg of DHA and 880 mg of EPA, which is upwards of 10x the amount you’ll find in other fish oil supplements to ensure that you get the powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits of these crucial omega-3s. 

 In fact, EPA and DHA are arguably the most important essential fatty acids for humans, but they are generally lacking in the diet since seafood is the major source of these EFAs (and eating large amounts of seafood carries a risk of heavy metal toxicity). As such, OMEGA-3 is a healthy and effective way to meet your daily DHA + EPA needs. 

OMEGA-3 also features a high dose of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) - a key omega-6 EFA that has been shown to promote metabolic function, increase insulin sensitivity, and support healthy body weight management. 

WhY take Omega-3?

Primavie® Shilajit

Per Serving: 125 mg 

This powerful natural compound helps support total and free testosterone, while also helping to boost ATP, and protein synthesis. The result? Muscle growth, fat loss, strength, and overall health benefits.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Per Serving: 100 mg 

Eurycoma helps support natural testosterone levels, it also has natural anti-estrogen properties.


Per Serving: 250 mg 

Ashwagandha is a powerful ingredient for supporting healthy testosterone levels, improving energy, boosting mood, and improving physical performance.

Safed Musli

Per Serving: 125mg 

An all-natural ingredient that is a powerful adaptogen. It helps support healthy testosterone levels and also promotes overall health.

Boron Citrate

Per Serving: 5 mg

Boron is a key mineral that has been suggested in human research studies to play a role in supporting free testosterone while decreasing estradiol.


Per Serving: 5 mg

A patented black pepper fruit extract that enhances the efficacy and absorption of the other ingredients.